The New York Times and Heather Cox Richardson's "Letters from an American" sell the same anger and disgust at fellow citizens.
The press were so deep in the soup they couldn't see up from down, or savior from sociopath.
Sunlight and warm weather slow the virus. Indoor heating and air-conditioning spread it. The media blame discos, beaches, and bad people.
Europe was good because they were strict. The U.S. Midwest was bad. Michigan was good because they shut down. Weather forecasts, not politics, told us …
More ideological lunacy from the media.
Head-scratching about Africa reveals how badly the media get things wrong.
Masks and lockdowns. Lockdowns and masks.
The media blame July vacations for November cases, call for more masks and lockdowns. Blaming bad people and outsiders, missing climate and latitude.
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Coronavirus: Politics, the Press, and the End of Nature